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India Club South Africa Press Release – 4th August 2020

Flight to Delhi,India


Dear Friends,


Emirates have received approval for the Flight to Delhi on 11th August Departure in their name.

We, at India Club, have already done the negotiations and got you the best fares possible. 

From this point onwards Emirates will handle the ticketing through SERENDIPITY (SWG GROUP).

FARE :           ECONOMY  ZAR 12500 *




(*passengers take the test and get certificates to get the discounted fair of R12000 per passenger)

Flight details as below

EK762/11AUG DEP JNB 18.30  ARR DXB 05.00

EK516/12AUG DEP DXB 09.50 ARR DEL 14.45 All times local

We wish you all the best. We will be there to assist if needed.

New regulations says COVID negative certificate necessary 96 hours in advance. Rapid test will not be applicable.

You all are requested to contact the laboratories to get yourself tested.

Approved Laboratories- COVID-19 Clearance Certificates

South Africa:

Ampath:  www.ampath.co.za

Lancet:  http://www.lancet.co.za/

Lab24:  https://lab24.co.za/

PathCare: https://www.pathcare.co.za/events/locations

Epicentre: https://epicentre.org.za/

Testaro: https://www.testaro.co.za/

GHI Labs:  https://neubergglobal.com/ 

To Register a test with GHI: screening.purehealth.ae/application



We have sent your details to Emirates and you will receive email with payment links etc shortly from SERENDIPITY (Kim).



Watch this space for more details…


Warm Regards,

Team India Club, South Africa